Posted: 19 / 03 / 2018

The Regency Club welcomed eighty of Manchester’s finance professionals for a day of races mixed with some St Patricks Day shenanigans.

The set-up of the day replicated a true race day experience with our very own Sedulo style race cards, badges and even an on-hand tipster and bookmaker to dish the dirt on the best odds and take bets with our Regency Club bucks.

The concept behind the funny money was, of course, all in aid of a great cause, to help Douglas Valley Lions Club raise money for Val Thompson who suffered a life-changing accident in 2013, which left her confined to a wheelchair. The total of £630.00 will be donated towards the cause and help towards purchasing a free-standing wheelchair which will help a great deal with building up Val’s muscles and her general mobility.

Guests would pay ten pounds cash in exchange for one hundred Regency Club bucks of which they could place fun bets in a bid to win two tickets to Chester Races. The idea was fully embraced and the bets came in thick and fast, with all cash going towards the worthy cause.

With St Patricks Day just around the corner, it felt only right to combine the two themes for the day. An appearance from ‘The Shenanigans’ playing some well know irish sing a longs entertained the crowd in between races, and of course, there was plenty of Guinness doing the rounds – particularly in the Guinness pong championships (yep – we made it a thing).

The event went down a treat with all attendees. The Beers, the burgers, and networking were all taken full advantage off and the positive feedback and donations made it all worth the while.

Wins all round!