Posted: 29 / 11 / 2021

Through no fault of their own, half a million UK children live in poverty and wake up at Christmas to find Santa hasn’t visited. Every year our Toy Appeal teams up with charities and carers to help stop that from happening and this year it’s needed more than ever.

In 2020 – and despite the lockdown restrictions imposed due to COVID – over 400 children living in poverty across the UK woke up to discover Santa had been to visit, with over 5,000 ready-wrapped and personally bought Christmas presents distributed around the UK. The present sacks delivered to each child were personal to that child based on their individual interests and tastes, with gifts including clothes, toys, craft gifts, dolls, action figures, toiletries and the year’s must-haves.

On the importance of the Sedulo Christmas Toy Appeal, Paul Cheetham-Karcz, founder of Sedulo Group explained:

“The Toy Appeal is one of the most important things we do as an organisation, to support the communities we operate in. Christmas is a time for children to have fun, and the thought of some not receiving any presents at all on Christmas Day is heart-breaking.

“As a business, we can’t stand back and let that happen, so each year we provide bespoke Santa sacks to children in poverty in each of the four cities we work in. The sacks contain at least 10 presents, all of which are handpicked in-line with the child’s interests.”

And the Sedulo Christmas Toy Appeal is back and BIGGER in 2021

Unfortunately, child poverty is still prevalent in the UK today, so the need for the Sedulo Christmas Toy Appeal and other initiatives like it is bigger than ever.

Our goal remains the same – to help families hit hardest at this time of year and are experiencing difficult circumstances or living conditions out of their control. The Sedulo Christmas Toy Appeal works by connecting with local charities and carers in the communities and finding those children. Then, through sponsorship, supporters simply select a child from our Christmas Toy Appeal website based on their name, age and interest, whether it be a favourite toy, book or colouring set.

Sponsors then wrap, label and deliver gifts to our offices in Manchester, Leeds, London and Liverpool where we host a festive-themed reverse grotto event.

Full details on how you can make Christmas for a child who, under their normal circumstances, will wake up on Christmas Day to find Santa hasn’t been to visit and wonder why, are available on the link below…



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