Posted: 15 / 07 / 2022

Written by Emily Bradley, Senior Events & Hospitality Executive at Sedulo

Having a fantastic place to work goes beyond nice decor and comfy chairs. Team well-being and engagement are all important ways of producing spaces that empower employees to get the best out of their days.

Since the pandemic, many people have been returning to work but with changed expectations of what working life should be. Studies show that employees are more productive in the workplace, but it cannot be ignored that a shift in what people expect has changed.

The radical shift to video calls for meetings increased the feasibility of remote working and increased collaboration. However, with this came feelings of loneliness due to the isolation that came with it. 

The challenge for workplaces was to utilise this improved capability for flexible working and create an environment that met the needs of its team through well-being programmes, social activities, and genuine benefits. 

Building relationships and friendships create a strong bond within businesses that cultivates a team that works for each other and a culture where they want to be around each other.

This cannot be achieved solely through team socials. Having fun as a team is important, but a balance of activities around education, financial stability, nutrition and fitness ensures an inclusive programme of events for everyone to participate. 

Although we can’t all go to the level of Cadbury’s Bourneville and build an entire town for employees to live, there are still plenty of things that can make working conditions favourable for team members. Providing complimentary breakfast, a supply of soft drinks and snacks, and a flexible working hours policy can go a long way to removing many of the day-to-day stresses of working life.


The Sedulo Hospitality & Events team provide a comfortable and unique atmosphere for the team and clients across four UK sites. Yoga, boxercise, wine tasting, running clubs, posture coaches, nutritionist talks, music festivals and tickets for sporting events are just some of the calendar staples that we provide.



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