Posted: 13 / 11 / 2017

Sedulo caught up with Kettlebell’s commander in chief, Carley Jones, to find the answers to a few quick fire questions and hear all about the new store venture as well as what’s next on the cards for the entrepreneur and and the KBK team….

1. What has been your favourite Kettlebell moment so far?
There’s been so many, how can I choose just one?! My favourite moment so far should really be a new store opening, shouldn’t it?

But it has to be getting involved in the Manchester Pride parade. I’ve been going to Manchester Pride for around ten years, I always wanted to be on a float within the parade and was never asked or invited, so I did my own!

We had a huge articulated lorry and converted this into our very own Kettlebell Party! We bought and wrapped a quad which of course I had to lead the parade on – Class of 2017 was the theme and even our Operations Manager Richard wore a dress and heels – we really went for it. We had a DJ on the lorry and basically caused a huge (and fun!) Kettlebell Kitchen scene in true KBK style.

Brilliant promo for the business but the main objective was to have fun with our brand and have our staff enjoy it.
We have done it for two years running now and will continue to do so every year raising money for the LGBTQ charities. We also provided event catering and had a food stand on site serving thousands of people over the four days.

2. What is your favourite item on the Kettlebell menu?
It would have to be our katsu curry – it’s pretty amazing! It is cooked fresh near enough every day as we sell so much of it we can barely keep up, it is so nice!

There are of course no additives, chemicals or nasties in it. Just wholesome tasty katsu and succulent coated chicken.
I am also STILL addicted to our protein superfood brownies. If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re definitely missing out!

3. What is next in the pipeline for Kettlebell Kitchen?
We have ambitious plans for KBK of course. Our HQ and central production unit is priority – 8000sqft in the Foundry estate in Salford near the quays which is essential for future growth as well as in reducing costs in all units.

The unit will also house a mini KBK restaurant, offices and a huge volume kitchen which doubles up as a meal prep production facility. We then have around seven more units planned at various locations in the North!