Posted: 25 / 11 / 2017

Over the past few years, microbreweries having been quietly boosting the Manchester beer scene.
However, with an eclectic selection of them now right on our doorstop, it is no surprise they are beginning to give the usual pub / bar venues a run for their money.

The city has welcomed a number of independent brewing brands in 2017 alone, and as the craze continues to boom, the drinking ‘straight from the source’ appeal is drawing in crowds in swelling numbers from across the region and beyond.

As reported in the Manchester Evening News, there are now seventy five breweries around the Greater Manchester area listed in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide 2018, ten of which were added in 2017 alone.
With also this competition, and after considering some of the exciting newcomers to this ever-growing scene, here are three of the top microbreweries taking Manchester by storm:

Beatnikz Republic,Redbank Manchester

Launching in Manchester in April this year, Beatniks Republic has introduced a number of daring, high quality beers to the Manchester brewing scene. With innovative flavours ranging from the grapefruit infused Riviera Dreamer wheat ale to bolder tastes of the cherry and bourbon soaked oak chips Russian Riot stout, the brand offers a total of nine uniquely inspired beers to appeal to all palettes.
Hidden under the railway of Manchester’s Red Bank area, the microbrewery may take a bit of seeking out, but with the options on offer, it will surely be worth the trip.

Alphabet Brewing Company,North Western Street, Manchester

Living by the motto ‘Modern beer with high-definition flavour and aroma’, Alphabet Brewing Company do not disappoint.
Promoting a range of home brewed beers including the likes of the Flat White coffee fuelled stout and tropical IPA Juice Springsteen.
Bringing the brewing party to the next level, they have also launched a weekly brew tap and food yard event every Saturday, combining the best beers, beats and street food from local independent businesses – quite the competitor for Manchester’s much sought-after nightlife.

The Gas Works,First Street, Manchester

The Gas Works is another to take residence in the more sophisticated First Street area.
This brewery / bar offers a ‘Watch your beer brew’ venue, hosting a six-barrel microbrewery on show for customers to see.
Along with the visual aesthetics and brewing the ever-popular Hoppy House Refractory Pale Ale, Gasworks also offer a range of keg beers and cask ales from local craft breweries including Chorlton’s Bootleg Brewing Co and is fast developing a name as a local favourite amongst those in the know.