Posted: 14 / 02 / 2022

We’re proud to announce the completion of our investment into compression sportswear brand iGD, formerly known as iGOTDOMS.

iGD was founded by former professional athlete Andy Wray, whose career was unfortunately cut short due to injuries. Having studied physiotherapy and navigating the challenge of dyslexia with a visual anatomy style of learning, Andy completed his degree and began training professional athletes and private clients, with a particular focus on injury prevention as much as rehabilitation.

This was the start of iGD, as Andy began to play with the design of garments around the human anatomical structure through sketching over anatomy drawings to sculpt panelling and seams to follow the natural contours of the myofascial structures.

Compression wear became the hero product, using tight fabric around the muscle groups to aid recovery and to help with the next-day ache, otherwise known as Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness (DOMS).

The quality of the product was such that it was used by elite athletes, including current World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, to name a few.

In late 2021, Zeri Cheetham-Karcz was appointed as Brand Manager, with a vision to take the products used by the world’s sporting elite to the mass market. The revamped offering and website launched in November 2021.

On the investment and launch, Wray said;

“I am delighted to have taken investment from the Sedulo Group Investment Fund. I have a passion for creating products that boost improve performance by aiding recovery, as well as guard against injury.

“Bringing Zeri in has given the brand huge impetus in making the brand more consumer-friendly. In a short space of time we have rebranded, produced a new website and brought almost 60 SKU’s to the market. I am really looking forward to the future.”

Paul Cheetham-Karcz, founder of Sedulo Group added;

“It was a no brainer to invest in the brand. Having followed it for a while, we recognised the opportunity existed to take it to the market. We have the experience of dealing with numerous fashion and D2C brands, none of which compete directly with iGD in the compression sportswear market.

“We wanted to build on the success of our investments into travel agency Perfect Getaways, sports performance brand HMN24, and leadership club Be The Standard. We would hope to make another couple of these investments throughout 2022.”