Posted: 27 / 01 / 2019

The city of Manchester is known as the place to be for many start-up companies. Tech and hospitality have been setting up in the city centre for years now, but it is becoming more apparent that fashion is emerging as a strong contender in the start-up stakes.

With Manchester becoming more well known as a fashionable/ cool place to get started on the ladder, it is of no surprise that emerging brands are choosing the city to showcase their fashion skills.

The rise of e-commerce is a definite contribution to the success of such start-ups and with Manchester now being estimated as the home to the largest number of small online businesses, the opportunities appear endless.

The ever-changing fashion scene is a further factor encouraging companies to develop in the city. With trends constantly evolving, the doors are left wide open to welcome all kinds of fashion ideas, styles and perspectives.

Fashion brands such as Missy Empire and Forever Unique are prime examples of start-up success stories that have evolved in the city. Building their local businesses into internationally acclaimed bands is showcasing them as the leaders in the market and aspiring future entrepreneurs to take a dip in the fashion pool.