Posted: 30 / 01 / 2019

The rumours of the high street being dead are ones to be questioned. Particularly when it comes to global sports giant, JD Sports.

The internationally renowned brand is proving quite the opposite as their business success continues to climb to new levels across the nation. Accountant turned CEO and the man behind the brand, Peter Cowgill, has had quite the journey on building the sportswear business to world-wide success and with the company now hitting a £5b turnover they are showing no signs of dying out anytime soon.

Their Christmas campaign was just another highlight of how they are drawing in both customers and celebrity fans as ambassadors including Anthony Joshua, Jaden Smith and Bugzy Malone all appearing in JD’s biggest campaign to date. Appropriately named the ‘Always the Leader’ campaign, JD Sports are proving that fast fashion is very much alive as they lead the way with record-high results in the high street growth stakes.

The brand is further bucking the trend and catering to consumer needs by continuing to develop their service offerings. With multiple ways to purchase now available, on and offline, JD is striving to make the customer experience as streamlined as possible.

The growing brand is further aware that sportswear seekers are always going to want that in-store experience. As much as online sales are soaring, customers are never going to get the same experience buying a pair of shoes online as they will in store. Maximising this in-store offering will always attract the customer and this is what many other high street stores are missing out on.

Speaking on the success of the high street, Peter Cowgill commented:

“Online is a facilitation. The bricks and mortar is where you really bring it to life and walking into a store you can get a feel of it.”

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