Grant Audits.

Many grant audits require an audit report to confirm the funds have been spent per the agreement of the grant.

We ensure costs are reported and monitored on in the correct way and advise on internal systems to ensure wages and other costs are allocated correctly to the project.

Through proper planning, we make sure once the project is finished, the report can be signed off quickly without compromising on quality.

Independent Examinations.

No matter the size, charities are 100% accountable for the funds they receive and how they spend those funds. Keeping records up to date and in good order is not only a requirement, but essential to enable you to manage your charities resources responsibly.

It can be difficult to understand exactly where your charity fits in relation to external scrutiny and whether an Independent Examination or Audit is required, but Sedulo is here to help.

An Independent Examination is more than just checking numbers and ticking a box, but like an audit, it is a form of scrutiny to ensure that everything is accounted for correctly. Its purpose is also to give the charity’s trustees, supporters, beneficiaries and the wider public, some independent assurance that the charity is operating as it should.

As part of our work, we will understand how your charity is structured including funding and activities, review your accounting records, identify any financial risks, and ensure that all legal obligations have been met.

Solicitors’ Accounts Rules.

Compliance with the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules (SAR), to ensure that clients’ monies are comprehensively safeguarded, is a key priority for every practice.

We have a team of professionals experienced in preparing annual SAR reports, providing assurance to the Solicitors Regulation Authority that solicitors are operating in line with required protocols.

Due to working with our clients throughout the year, we develop enhanced knowledge and understanding of their practices, which supports a streamlined SAR reporting process and minimum disruption to business activities when the report is prepared.

As well as preparing the annual SAR report, our holistic approach allows us to identify any deficiencies in systems and controls and suggest improvements to enable your business to become more efficient and function more effectively.

Credit Unions.

Whether it is a full scope external audit or a one-off piece of advisory work, you will receive the benefit of our extensive experience of internal and statutory auditing in the Credit Union sector.

Audit and Accounts
To ensure you’re compliant with CREDS and various credit union regulations, we’ll prepare and review your accounts and handle all enquiries from HMRC. We’re trained to undertake external and internal audit functions, which means we can save you the worry over getting this right, especially as our service is tailored to your exact needs.

Compliance Reviews
We can help take away some of the worries of compliance reviews from the PRA by reviewing your systems, controls and reporting environment and setting an action plan for any improvements that need to be made.

Strategic Planning
Our unique strategic sessions enable the main decision-makers to agree collectively on a plan for the future. We act as a facilitator to get you to understand the strategy, set your vision, review your strengths and weaknesses, and set key strategic objectives.

Added Value
We also provide a range of other value-adding services to take away the hassle and stress of running a credit union, including Payroll, Pensions and Wealth Management.

Client Assets (CASS).

If your business is regulated under the client asset rules issued by the Financial Conduct Authority, you’ll know all about the requirement to undergo regular compliance reviews.

We understand that meeting the requirements of those rules effectively and efficiently is essential to the success of your business.

Our approach is to make sure we understand how you’re meeting that requirement, to examine and assess that approach and, most importantly, to critically but objectively challenge that approach to ensure that your business is not only complying but doing so in the best way to move the business forward.

Pensions Audits.

Post Maxwell in the early 1990’s the regulation of pensions was significantly enhanced and the compliance obligations on pension trustees became significantly more difficult, particularly for managers of smaller schemes.

Now overseen by the Pension Regulatory Authority, we understand that trustees face regular compliance reviews without necessarily being experts in the requirements of those regulations.

Our approach is to guide you through the critical compliance requirements, including the one for year-end accounts, and the key external factors affecting the scheme to ensure that the trustees are in the best position to take the necessary actions to manage, grow and safeguard members benefits.

It's vital you choose to work with businesses you believe in and are credible.

Sedulo Audit Limited is registered with ICAEW as a member firm for AML supervision and for audit licence purposes.