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We offer a host of services to business owners at all stages of their professional journey

We are a holistic, cross-functional team, which allows us to offer our clients a suite of accountancy services tailored to their specific needs.

By identifying and implementing industry-specific value drivers that will ensure your company is well-positioned to attract the highest valuation, our focus is on preparing your business for sale or investment.

Our corporate finance team is experienced in guiding our clients through the full lifecycle of a transaction process. From an initial meeting, we endeavour to fully understand your requirements and expectations to ensure we can provide world-class service throughout the transaction.

Business disposals that achieve the best valuation and secure your legacy

The majority of business owners will only go through one business disposal in their lifetime and so maximising the return for a life’s endeavour is paramount.

We have experience in achieving premium valuations for the companies we have acted for by nurturing them in preparation of a sale and attract maximum interest from potential bidders.

There are a number of key characteristics that an acquirer will want to see in a company they are buying so demonstrating those characteristics will help achieve the highest valuations for your business.

Private Equity & Debt Investment to fuel growth

The Private Equity market has seen huge growth over the last decade, with an ever-increasing amount of capital ready to deploy into new opportunities.

We have access to a large database of national and international investors, all with different investment criteria depending on the industry, company size, investment requirement and shareholding offered. We refine this database to a shortlist of highly relevant investors that are most likely to submit bids for your company. Our experience in Private Equity fundraises covers numerous industries and requirements for the businesses we have worked with, having achieved fantastic results for the companies we have worked with to date.

If equity investment is not a requirement, we have a range of debt investors that are able to lend amounts above what the traditional banks are able to provide, in situations that may normally be deemed too risky. These lenders can be very flexible in the way that their investments are structured, which can usually include longer terms and a split of bullet and amortising repayments to reduce pressure on cashflow.

Acquisitions to accelerate your growth when organic isn't enough

If organic growth isn’t rapid enough to align with the longer-term goals of your shareholders, we facilitate business acquisitions to help your progress stay on track.

Acquiring a business is a quick way to either bolt-on additional revenues to an existing product or service offering, or to vertically integrate and add on a supply or distribution element to your existing business. With the right advice can significantly increase your own eventual exit value.

Managing, negotiating & funding your Management Buy Out

Management Buyouts (MBOs) are an extremely common method of exit for business owners and can be the end result of a long priming process to get an individual or a team ready to take over full control of a company.

Our specialist Corporate Finance team facilitate the disposal of a business by the shareholders (parent company or principal owner) to the management team already working within the business.

We have a large number of investors that are actively seeking MBO opportunities to back as the nature of the transaction is less risky and the growth opportunities can be more apparent with the management team becoming more independent to instigate new growth strategies.

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