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Transaction services to support mergers and acquisitions

We offer a host of transaction services to business owners as well as private equity funds, debt investors, legal teams, family offices and more.

We offer buy-side assistance in the form of target approach and appraisal, financial due diligence and deal management services.

Working with banks, private equity, acquisitive clients and other providers of finance, we provide concise commentary and observations of potential transaction targets alongside potential recommendations, highlighting the risks and rewards as we see them.

Dig into the detail for ultimate peace of mind on your transaction.


Financial due diligence is an investigation into a company’s affairs on behalf of a potential acquirer or investor.

We make sure that the details provided by a vendor or investee company, used to extract offers of finance or investment, are largely correct and that any areas of material weakness in a company are highlighted.

Find a value that truly reflects your business.


We specialise in identifying and maximising the value of your business, so whether you’re looking to identify a pre-sale valuation or experiencing an ongoing shareholder dispute, we can help with the legwork.

Our goal is to provide a detailed valuation of your business so you can effectively decide the next steps, whether that be growth, disposal or acquisition.

We consider the unique financial and non-financial factors of your business in order to place a value on it.

Decide where you want to be & how you want to get there.


Do you know what your business is set to make this year?

Regardless of whether funding is required, financial projections are extremely useful for business owners to set goals at the outset of a financial year or project.

This allows you to measure actual performance against that anticipated, and to investigate why things aren’t going to plan rather than letting things drift.

We understand that setting yearly revenue targets is essential for any growing business. By analysing your historical performance data, we can set realistic projections for revenue and advise you on the best ways to achieve these projections.

Tell the full story of your company.


You could require a business plan for a number of reasons, and we can tailor these specifically for different audiences.

A business plan will contain numerical information referring to past and projected trading performance and written sections that may include a history of the company and market information.

When marketing a company for sale, a document known as an Information Memorandum will be prepared for prospective acquirers which is essentially a business plan written through rose-tinted glasses to accentuate the company’s selling points for the reader.

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