Tax-saving reliefs for businesses based in creative industries

HMRC paid out £1.1bn in Creative Industry Tax Relief last year

Creative Industry Tax Reliefs allow qualifying companies to claim a deduction or payable tax credit when calculating their taxable profits.

Reliefs work by increasing the amount of allowable expenditure, this means if your company makes a loss, you may be able to surrender the loss and convert some or all of it into a payable tax credit.

According to the latest HMRC statistics, £1.1 billion was paid out across the creative industries in 2018/19 and to date our team have a 100% success rate on claims submitted.

Do you qualify for Creative Industry Tax Relief?

A majority of organisations may not be fully aware that they can qualify for the relief and earn back on cash.

Creative Tax Reliefs may be claimable if you’re based in any of the following industries:

  1. Film
  2. Animation
  3. High-end television
  4. Children’s television
  5. Video games
  6. Theatre
  7. Orchestra
  8. Museums & Galleries

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If you’re based in one of these creative industries, you could be eligible for Creative Industry Tax Relief…

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