New employee wellbeing app reaps the benefits from R&D claim

An employee wellbeing like no other...

Chris Tomkinson, the founder of GoVida, has swapped the world of exercise and rehabilitation where he worked with athletes such as Dwight Yorke, Steve McManaman and Andy Flintoff for the world of tech start-ups.

GoVida is an employee wellbeing app with a mission of improving the health and wellbeing of the working population. The challenges of employee wellbeing are growing with the negative health implications of sedentary working practices and increasing prevalence and awareness around mental health.

A thriving industry...

Leaders also see the positive value in having their teams ‘match-fit for business success’ and as a result, the Global Corporate Wellness market is exploding with its value being predicted to reach $62 Billion by 2023.

Chris, who grew up in Greater Manchester, is focused on helping create a Northern ‘Wellbeing’ Powerhouse in the region and the GoVida platform is already making an impact:

“GoVida promotes a positive wellbeing message, setting users achievable and actionable goals. Our engagement levels are unprecedented for an employee wellbeing app with on average around 70% of our users active on the platform every day.”

Rewarded for investing in innovation...

As a result of the development behind his project, Chris was able to carry out a successful Research and Development (R&D) claim on behalf of GoVida with Sedulo.

Research & Development (R&D) tax credits reward businesses that invest in innovation. Types of innovation might include things such as developing your day-to-day processes or systems, products or simply anything that changes the way your business operates.

GoVida’s clients include SMEs to professional services and larger enterprises, with Chris now looking for further organisations to begin using the employee wellbeing app within their teams.

I was introduced to Sedulo and felt there was a real synergy between Sedulo and GoVida. I saw the bigger vision with the further support that Sedulo can offer GoVida as we continue to grow. From meeting the R&D team it took around 2 weeks for them to prepare and submit the claim and then around 28 days to receive the money. This cash has enabled us to develop the platform further and we have huge plans for 2020.

Chris Tomkinson

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