Jack McNamara

Strategic Lead

Jack is a Strategic Lead in our Strategic Finance Hub, having joined Sedulo in September 2018, not long after arriving from Australia.

Jack’s accounting career so far has seen him build experience across multiple departments, build strong relationships with clients, understand what they need from a reporting standpoint, and provide advice at the right time. Jack says this is the area of being in the Strategic Finance Hub is the part of his work that is the most satisfying.

Jack’s industry experience spans sectors ranging from farming to software, recruitment to bus travel, and self-managed superannuation funds to DJs. Through this work, he’s provided budgeting, cashflow planning, three-way forecasts, and consolidated reports, all with a view to linking the non-financial information that drives business to financial outcomes. Jack says this work allows you—the business owner—to make better decisions and plan for the future.

Prior to accounting, Jack had a promising career in cricket struck down by what he describes as “not being good enough”, and today Jack lives in Huddersfield with his young family.